Aberdeen Music Hall, 16 May 1973

Few artists have so wilfully and imaginatively reinvented themselves as David Robert Jones (AKA David Bowie). His wardrobe and accoutrements are brilliantly displayed in ACMI for the coming months, the ‘concert tour’ having finally made its way from the V&A Museum in South Kensington, to Fed Square.

I had the great fortune of seeing the man himself on his Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars tour in the early 1970s, to be precise, at Aberdeen Music Hall, 16th May 1973.

He’s an object lesson in creative renewal and I’d like to think I took a thing or two from that concert, not in the least an idea of how to crop my hair, apply eyeliner and purchase a sparkly leotard to wear of an evening.

For a few months, I’m adopting another identity. At the request of our VC, I’ve agreed to act as DVC Academic until the right person has been found to fill the huge shoes of Gill Palmer. I agreed to do so only on the understanding that I stayed PVC, dividing the work as needs be. Martin Bean agreed because we both recognise that the College has a strong, united and committed Executive Team who support me, keep me out of trouble and will maintain the momentum that the College and Schools have achieved.

There’s plenty to do. August is crammed full preparing the Strategic Plan for Council, mid-year reviews are underway, the students are back in force, and David Bowie’s working on a new album… I must dig out that spangly catsuit… classic DVC gear.

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