Your invitation to the DSC end of year celebration

Please join me and my fellow DSC College Office colleagues as we draw the curtain on a successful 2014. A short presentation about the College’s place in the Guinness Book of Records will kick off the event at 3.30 sharp, so make sure you have a celebratory drink in hand 3.30-5.30, Monday December 15th, The Design Hub, 10th floor Pavilion. Most of you have accepted the date in your Google calendar; those who’ve yet to do so please click the box!

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Successful PRS in Barcelona… 138 attendees

An excellent few days in Barcelona; congratulations to Marcelo, Richard and the team for staging the Practice Research Symposium (PRS) attended by over 138 people; RMIT now has over 70 research bids in progress, 11 submitted, 6 successful. The building was brimming with energy with over 50 public events and research programs planned in the coming months.


On Friday 5th December our new Vice-Chancellor visits the Barcelona site to see at first hand how DSC is gaining from the European location, including a successful end of year report for our ADAPTr program. By the way, this image is not the RMIT building … the RMIT building was completed a few months ago and the contractors have long left the site!