Of all RMIT occasions, there’s not much we do better than bidding farewell to trusted colleagues. For those who were there, the ‘leaving event’ for DVCA Gill Palmer will remain memorable for many years to come: who’d have ever thought that so many ‘F’ words could be spoken so eloquently, so richly, by so many eminent people, and with so much genuine admiration and appreciation. As the trusted MC, I only used one ‘F’ word – ‘phenomenology’. For the rest, you’ll have to ask those who were there.

By the way, there was no strippergram. They got the address wrong. Instead, I watched in awe as a young chap stripped months and years of posters from the pillar in Bowen Street in preparation for RMIT Open Day. I’m told by a blog reader that the very last poster he scraped off was an advert for the Glen Millar Band in 1944. So, the great pile of paper, the exfoliate, was a genuine record of musical history, a palimpsest of this fine city’s culture.

Of course, Open Day was a real bonanza – the signage was wonderful, the sun shone for a few short seconds, the students and volunteers veritably beamed with pride. After visiting my teams, I lurked in the library taking photographs of books in preparation for an entertaining speech I’d been invited to give. They were looking for a witty, informed, insightful speaker. Failing to find one they asked me instead. I have discovered the only two jokes about libraries that exist. If the strippergram fails to turn up again, I may yet be forced to tell them.

One thought on “Strippergram?

  1. You watched in awe I read in horror. I wish we could all recognise and value this layering of culture and build up of heritage. Perhaps the act of stripping it back to the one endorsed surface could become unacceptable if we did.

    I remember my feeling of loss when I read that someone in Melbourne City Council went ahead painted over the street art that had amassed in the decades prior. Some tried to lessen the blow by being rather Zen about it. But I’m fixed on the political meaning in such a gesture. Both the ‘vandalism’ that has the intent of art, and the ‘cleaning’ that has the intent of… control?

    Here’s a video of Berlin back in July 1945


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