A Day in the Life of…

It is always a pleasure to meet readers. Indeed, it’s hard not to, given the frequency of College hosted events. I bumped into one of the blog regulars last week at a stimulating event and they asked, ‘do you do this every night?’ A fair question…

Last week was a tad busier than usual…

Monday I was dining with a well-known Victorian entrepreneur comparing ideas about a European Future Cities conference at which some of our people are presenting and sharing knowledge about DSC’s work in urban resilience.

Tuesday evening saw me ensconced in The Moat with some colleagues working through the College ‘Green Paper’.

Wednesday was pretty special – the Emerging Writers’ Festival launch of 9 Slices – a book created at breakneck speed by staff and students from Media & Comms – a chapter a day for 9 days! The launch at the inimitable 1000 £ Bend was very memorable – crowded, enthusiastic and committed to fine writing.

Thursday I was MC for the opening of the Impact Design Festival at the Design Hub, a truly varied exhibition of materials and design innovations. See it if you can (showing until August 9) and make sure to check out the fillets of basalt rock and the very elegant bone-line pieces from Canada.

… But Friday evening topped the lot. RMIT had a table at the Social Studio Winter Gala in the vast Fitzroy Town Hall. Rappers, poets, samba bands, a runway fashion show, and a 3-course meal of fab ethnic food. Hats off to Lisa Thompson and the students for getting us all around one table and to VC Fellow Grace McQuilten, who works with the Social Studio on a range of innovative, socially engaged arts projects. Not sure who the chap in the picture is, but he moved with alacrity that I could never hope to emulate.

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