All Dewey-Eyed

I’ve heard it’s called ‘click bait’ – the [ab]use of an alluring title that draws readers into the lair of a Blogger. My initial attempt was rather fruitful, so I thought I’d try a dreadful pun this time.

The well-bearded Melvil Dewey – he of the mind-bogglingly laboured library classification system – had a particularly lurid and colourful personal past. A regular reader shared it with me last Thursday, amid the booze and books of the fabulous 700s Arts Festival, staged so expertly by Amanda Kerley, Sue Wyers and colleagues in Building 8. You won’t find the tantalising truth about Dewey on Wikipedia though – best ask a librarian!

Speaking of click bait, I encourage you to go a-wandering the forums of ShapeRMIT. The conversation is rich and stimulating. There are healthy disagreements and some inspirational ideas, especially from our students and alumni and the conversation is embroidered with references, pointers and occasionally, polite put-downs. Join the conversation, share your wit and knowledge, and while you’re at it, check out The Teaching Tom-Tom, which has an equally stimulating essay about deeper forms of ‘sustainable assessment’ that eschews (great word) multiple choice questions and answer sheets, in favour of assessment for learning that is both process and practice.

That’s enough from me. This week I’m mostly giving speeches – Urban Animation Art Attack (oh I do love lengthy alliteration) and a 90-minute, high-stakes presentation to Council. Mouse in one hand. Bible in the other. Click… Click… Bait?

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