Timetabling – The Caped Crusader

The College is proposing a review of how the University tackles its timetabling; we have three suggestions:

1 – zonal timetable should be a priority; students need an academic base, a home, a strong sense of belonging;
2 – let’s revisit the issue of pre-requisites; the students voice is clear here; check it out on the Shape RMIT site;
3 – let’s seriously revisit the principle that students have a fortnight to change their courses. It causes mayhem in the calendar, a challenge for any timetable. How about we require that all course enrolments close the Friday before the commencement of classes the following week?

Watch this space; these have been proposed before – and found to be unviable – but we need to be ever more finely attuned to the student and staff experience, so let’s see if these pointers about zoning, pre-requisites and course enrolments can find some ‘traction’.