Getting Rid of Menelaus

One avid reader of the blog sent me a clipping about an unfortunate member of a Scottish ‘Boy Band’ who collapsed from heat exhaustion on a long-haul flight. Apparently he was wearing 12 layers of clothing to avoid paying the $90 excess baggage fee.

This put me to thinking about the word ‘simplicity’, which is making such a startling appearance in the RMIT Strategic Plan. ‘Simplicity’ is a powerful singular term for any organisation that aims to be agile, collaborative, and empowered. There is a desperate need across Australia to radically simplify our procedures, processes and programs of work to stop us getting ‘weighed down’.

A recent report from Deloitte described a near-crisis facing the country. Apparently, 1 in 11 workers in the country are employed in ‘compliance’, and 8.9 hours of every middle-manager’s working week is spent meeting compliance requirements. The irony is that most of the compliance has been put in place by themselves and their organisation, not by ‘others’ outside.

So here’s three cheers for ‘simplicity’ – here’s to the call for a radical simplification of processes, systems integration, giving permissions to act and empowering staff to succeed.

Before I get carried away though, the sobering report can be browsed at:

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