Weird Words

Thanks to those many readers who wrote last week to advise that some odd words had sneaked into my blog entry about the DSC Staff Survey results. The Ghosts were most definitely in the Machine. What popped up was the tantalising phrase CONTENT NOT FOR INCLUSION IN STAFF EMAIL OR BLOG POST. Very odd. I checked the text, nothing missing, nothing censored, or removed by higher order. I can only assume that the RMIT Staff Survey results are a concern to national security as far afield as GCHQ in the UK, or even NSA in the US.

Meanwhile, expect some future blog entries about the DSC Spatial Masterplan (which offers a series of innovative solutions to the vast sprawling estate of the College) and a DSC Green Paper on ‘Academic Clusters’ which is now being ‘workshopped’ (another noun being wrongly used as a verb) with the DSC Executive to promote interdisciplinary thinking across the many academic strengths in the College.

… Now, let’s see if the words ‘masterplan’ and ‘strategy’ trigger the spooks this time?

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