New Head of the School of Art – Dr Julian Goddard

DSC is delighted to welcome Dr Julian Goddard as our new Head of the School of Art. He took up the post on 1st June 2015 after a long period at Curtin University’s School of Design and Art where he established himself as a leader on a national and international stage.

As a curator, Associate Professor Goddard has made over 50 exhibitions and published widely on Australian, Aboriginal and concrete art, including three books. His research interests include Indigenous art and especially contemporary and historical Noongar (the original people of south-west Australia) art as well as Neo-Concrete art, politicised art and Australian art history. He has curated several major and many smaller exhibitions and published widely in dealing with these interests that collectively form a type of art practice in itself – sometimes referred to as ‘social practice’, based on the production of new knowledge and understanding stemming from primary research.

Besides bringing history into being through writing and curation, many of the artifacts that have been rediscovered in this original research – including trade union banners, paintings, photographs and installations that may have otherwise been destroyed – have instead ended up in public collections as part of the national estate.

Major exhibitions, such as the recent Revel Cooper (Noongar artist) at the John Curtin Gallery at Curtin University can take years of primary research to prepare. It requires locating material, collecting stories about an artist through interviews and primary documentation and then writing a narrative/argument/biography for the exhibition, negotiating the loans of work from institutions and private parties, raising funds for the exhibition, giving talks and lectures – all part of an extended notion of ‘research’. The recent Australian Centre for Concrete Art (AC4CA) exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art was a result of over 10 years support and curatorial activity for an international tendency in art based around the production of very large public artworks (wall paintings).

Julian is currently working on a book on Revel Cooper and two exhibitions of the AC4CA in Europe.

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