RMIT and the Australian Directors’ Guild

Watch as RMIT Adjunct Professor Robert Connolly introduces an RMIT sponsored award at the 2015 Australian Directors’ Guild Awards Night, a sold-out industry event. 

Adjunct Professor Connolly recalls an RMIT Conference in 2014 for filmmakers within academia, wherein RMIT brought out filmmakers from around the world to Melbourne. He says that he saw ‘a staggering amount of extraordinary work’ and that ‘it’s a really exciting time for filmmakers within academic institutions,’ adding that RMIT is integral in contributing to this thriving culture within the industry.

This clip was shot and edited by RMIT film students as a part of an industry internship. Their work gained them a membership to the highly acclaimed ADG. Fantastic to see that the HE-industry ‘circle of life’ is alive and well.!3620&authkey=!AAhT-v4m9awRhTo&ithint=video%2cmp4

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