Ready, Steady, Sew! The Glam Opening of Brunswick Building 516

‘Three weeks into my new job as Vice-Chancellor and I’m already opening a new building!’ was just one of several light-hearted comments made by Martin Bean in a typically warm and energetic speech at the Grand Opening of Building 516 at Brunswick.

The building looked fabulous, as did the crowd, many of whom had come straight from an all-nighter at Melbourne Fashion Week. How can so many people look so glamorous at 8 in the morning?

The re-purposed John Wardle building is a brilliant achievement. In his keynote address, CEO of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and RMIT alumnus, Graeme Lewsey said ‘look at the way the light, the Australian landscape plays into this building, how could anyone not be inspired and creative in this stunning setting.’ Not his exact words perhaps, but every word as true!

Credit goes to the team at Brunswick, in particular Robyn Healy and her colleagues, working side-by-side with the RMIT Property Services Group. Opening the redeveloped building was a real inspiration, as was the idea to bring 150 students on site and ring a bell dead on 0830 with the acclaim ‘Ready, Steady, Sew!’

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