Preparing for the PRS in Barcelona

I am in Barcelona preparing for the Practice Research Symposium, which looks to be a very full program of talks, presentations and examinations of our HDR candidates. I’ve also been talking to potential city partners on an innovative scheme called Playable City. Two designers have created ‘Shadowing’ which literally gives memory to the city lights, enabling them to record and play back the shadows of those who passed underneath…

1-shadowing-farrowscreative-copy-225x338 4-shadowing-farrowscreative-225x338

I’ve seen an incredible array of playful, thoughtful and creative responses, from those who lay on the ground to leave the shadow equivalent of a snow angel behind, to 10-person conga lines, breakdancing displays and wheelbarrow races with citizens trying to defeat the earlier shadow of themselves…

How might this enhance Melbourne White Night? How could our College play a part in this global idea?

“ Shadowing offers an exploration of the disconnectedness that technology can create between strangers, the role of light in creating a city’s character, and the unseen data layers and surveillance culture that pervades our contemporary urban spaces.”

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